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7 Reasons to Invest in Wire Partitions

Metal fence cage
The ability to install quick, easy, and efficient storage and security solutions is an attractive prospect for any facility manager. Such solutions minimize disruption, reduce the effects of downtime, and can save costs. Wire partitions are a suitable choice if you are in the market for secure storage solutions that you can set up fast and still benefit from maximum security.
Wire partitions are designed from welded or woven wire mesh and are invaluable in a wide variety of industries including military, manufacturing, law enforcement, and offices just to mention a few.
Read on to learn more about the benefits of wire partitions.
1. Affordable
Wire partitions are comparably more affordable than building wall partitions, renovating, relocating, or leasing additional space.
The partition panels come in various configurations to suit your needs. You can easily bolt or weld each panel onto a post to set up a secure cage.
2. Easily Installable
The panels used to build a wire partition are pre-engineered and do not have extensive construction requirements. You will not have to deal with dust, motor, paint, and other construction materials that can create a mess in your facility and cost you extra to clean up.
Quick installation also minimizes construction-related downtime in your facility, which would otherwise impact productivity and put a dent to your bottom line.
3. Low Maintenance
When selecting storage solutions, you want a system that is easy to manage in order to control costs and realize maximum value from your investment.
The modular design of wire partitions is not only simple but also easy to maintain in case of unexpected damage. If one panel or post is damaged, you only need to replace the affected part without taking apart the entire structure.
4. Robust
Wire partitions have a welded or woven construction. Welded mechanical anchors support each post, and each panel is firmly connected to a post, giving these partitions optimal stability without the need to drill holes on the floor or in walls.
In addition, the strategic construction makes these cages strong enough to withstand the rigors of challenging environments such as warehouses, security centers, and military facilities.
5. Well-Ventilated
Proper ventilation is an important consideration when selecting storage solutions. The mesh construction makes wire partitions a great choice if ventilation is a priority in your facility.
With this type of storage solution, you can keep equipment, tools, product, and sensitive material within the desired temperature range.
Wire partitions are particularly suitable for use in data centers where facility managers are looking to protect sensitive data and equipment and to keep server rooms well-ventilated to mitigate equipment failure. 
6. OSHA Compliant
OSHA requires employers to provide safe conditions for employees and contractors working in a facility.
Wire partitions can be an effective and safe way to secure machinery, keep hazardous electrical systems out of the way, and create controlled access to these appliances.
Taking the necessary steps to make your facility as safe as possible will minimize the risk of liabilities, such as serious injury or death, which can be a big blow to your business.
7. Versatile
You can easily adjust and configure wire partitions alongside your business growth. Unlike walls and other permanent storage solutions, you can easily expand or minimize the height and width or change the layout of the wire cages to meet your objectives.
Security, space maximization, and compliance with storage regulations are priorities in many commercial and industrial facilities. Wire partitions allow you to realize these goals efficiently and cost-effectively.
If you are considering installing wire partitions, get in touch with Atlas-Edco, Inc. We can recommend the best storage solutions and customize your cages and machine-guarding partitions to suit your needs.


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