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Lockers in the Workplace: Improving Safety

A locker
If you're an employer, a nice thing you can do for your employees is to provide them with lockers to use on the job.

Lockers are a great way to give employees a safe place to stash their belongings while they're at work. Not only is this convenient for your workers, but it can also avoid people tripping over improperly stored belongings.

However, whenever you introduce lockers into the workplace, you should also introduce rules and safety procedures surrounding these lockers. Without some guidelines in place, the lockers can be abused or even used to store items that could cause harm or problems on the job.

Put Your Lockers in a Secure Place

When you add lockers to the workplace, one of the first things that you have to think about is where to place these lockers.

Wherever you put the lockers, ensure it's in a safe area, preferably one that not a lot of people have easy access to.

Good areas are only accessible by employees or those with certain security credentials. This step reduces locker room thefts and also keeps unauthorized persons from depositing items, especially harmful items, in lockers.

Establish Clear Rules 

All employees should understand that having a locker is a privilege, not a right. Thus, make your employees understand that you, the employer, get to dictate what can and cannot be stored within workplace lockers.

Make your own list of allowed items and contraband items, but, as a good general rule, don't allow things that attract pests, like food. Also, do not allow any dangerous items, like weapons or other hazards. Items not suitable for the workplace, like alcohol or drugs, should also not be on the allowed list.

By making clear distinctions about what can and cannot be stored in workplace lockers, you'll create a much safer workplace environment for everyone.

Put a Search Policy in Writing

The law is not black and white when it comes to locker searches. Generally, for a locker search to be permitted, it has to be done for a valid reason, and there should be a policy surrounding locker searches and how and why they are conducted.

Thus, taking any local laws into consideration, you can and should put a clear search policy into writing and provide it to your employees.

Have a search policy in place to keep your business safe from any potential legal repercussions of a locker search and any consequences related to it. Also, when your employees know that such a policy is in place, they are less likely to store contraband items in their lockers.

Have a Locker Monitor

When possible, have some sort of locker room monitor to watch over the locker room and also limit access as needed.

A good idea is to have a monitor who can check identification or other credentials before allowing entry. Monitors create safer situations and protect your work environment.

If you can't do this, place security cameras in the locker room, especially in a highly visible area, to help deter undesired activities in the locker room, as well as storage of unapproved materials.

Lockers can be a wonderful addition to the workplace, but they do need to be handled responsibly. By following these tips, you can ensure they are an asset, instead of a liability.

Also, you'll want to get the highest quality lockers possible, which is where choosing carefully comes in handy. For the best possible workplace lockers, contact the experts at Atlas-Edco, Inc. They have excellent lockers at all price ranges to choose from and can offer further tips on usage and safety.


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