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Make Your Employee Lockers Easier to Use

Providing lockers for employees is helpful in many cases and essential in others. Whether you need the lockers or not, they should be easy for your employees to use. An empty locker lets employees personalize how they store their belongings. However, providing basic accessories and supplies lets the employee make the locker usable from day one.

It's up to you whether you want to make these accessories temporary (the employees will return them when they purchase their own) or permanent (you give them to the employees, or the employees have the option to purchase them from you). Regardless, this guide lists the basic accessories that you should have for your employee's lockers.

Shelving and Magnetic Bins

Shelving and small bins that attach to the wall of the locker with magnets are essential for letting employees organize their belongings. From keeping breakables out of a general pile of items to letting the employee separate heavier and lighter items, these two types of accessories are likely the most important. 

Shelving itself comes in several sizes and configurations. You may want to have two or three different options available and restock based on popularity. For example, if you have full-length lockers and employees keep using shelf units that have two or three shelves, make those the bulk of what you keep on hand.

Bins should be magnetic and modular, rather than installed permanently in each locker. The ability to move the bin around as needed is valuable if the employee's storage needs change.

Hooks and Hangers

At least one hook for a coat is necessary. This could be a magnetic hook, but that can fall if someone hangs up a heavy coat. A better choice would be a heavy-duty hook held up by a removable adhesive strip.

As for hangers, cheap plastic hangers are easy to get and shouldn't put too much of a dent in your budget. However, a thicker wooden hanger is better for coats and jackets, and these are still very affordable. Those who want to keep coats looking a little neater may prefer to hang their coats on hangers rather than the hooks.

Locks and Security

Lockers need locks. Unless your lockers have built-in locks, you need to tell employees before they start that they need to bring a lock or you can provide your own locks.

To keep lockers with built-in locks secure, you need to change the combination after an employee leaves or moves their belongings to another locker. Changing the combination prevents problems like a disgruntled employee coming back and messing with other people's belongings.

One issue to be aware of is that your lockers and the locks need to meet accessibility requirements. Current laws state that only some of the lockers need to be accessible, so you can have non-accessible lockers in part of the room. The magnets and removable adhesives go a long way toward making the interiors of the lockers very accessible for those in wheelchairs and who need special accommodations.

However, do not assume that you'll just figure something out later if someone with special needs joins your company. When you get lockers, look for those with accessible locks, and make sure the lock types you offer are also universally usable.

Atlas-Edco, Inc., can help you stock up on locker accessories that everyone can use. From the lockers themselves to shelves, locks, and hooks, when you visit our store, you'll have a comprehensive supply kit ready for new employees. Give us a call today to learn more about our services or come by our store to see our selection. We look forward to working with you.


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