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Tips for Keeping Employees' Personal Belongings Secure

Surveillance Camera
When your employees come to work, they may bring along certain personal items such as their purses, car keys, and smartphones. Unfortunately, thefts of these items can occur, leaving employees concerned about the security of their personal items while they're on the job.

Even though you might not be able to prevent theft and other issues completely, following these tips can help. Then, you can help minimize complaints from employees and can allow them to focus on their jobs without worry.

Install Lockers

If you don't currently have employee lockers in place, now may be a good time to install them. Then, you can give each employee an assigned locker to use to store their uniforms, personal items, and more.

If the lockers are securely locked, you can help prevent theft and tampering with these items, which can provide your employees with peace of mind. Lockers can also make your employees feel as if they are a part of the team if they have their own dedicated space for keeping their belongings.

Lastly, lockers can help you cut down on clutter in the workplace. If employees' items are tucked away in lockers rather than being all over the break room or other areas, your work area can more easily be kept neat and organized.

Limit Access to Employee-Only Areas

To increase security, you should limit access to ensure that not too many people are able to enter employee-only areas. A simple sign may not be enough to deter intruders. Consider keeping break rooms and locker rooms locked. You can also install an access control system, which will only allow employees to enter by swiping their badges or entering a code.

With an access control system, not only can you limit the number of people who are able to access employee areas, but you can also track who has entered each area during a certain time frame. This helps hold people accountable and can be a deterrent for theft in employee-only areas.

Install Surveillance Cameras

You probably already have surveillance cameras in place at your business. These cameras can be used for everything from preventing employees from stealing items that belong to the company, to monitoring productivity and more. If you don't already have surveillance cameras in employee-only areas, though, you should install them now.

By installing cameras in areas where employees typically store their belongings, you can deter would-be thieves who might be worried about losing their jobs or facing criminal charges. And if things do start missing in employee areas, the cameras can be used to find out who is responsible and to provide video proof of theft.

Take Theft Seriously

If employees come to you with complaints that their personal items have been stolen, you need to take the situation seriously. If you don't investigate these types of situations, then those who are stealing might feel inclined to continue with their actions. By taking these matters seriously, however, you can deter people from stealing in the first place and can catch those who are responsible.

The actions that should be taken in these situations will vary, but you can always get local law enforcement involved in theft-related situations for help with handling the matter.

Your employees probably want to feel confident in knowing that their cell phones, purses, and other personal belongings are safe when they're at work. If you follow these tips, you can help ensure that your employees' personal items are kept safe so that they can focus on their jobs rather than worrying about their belongings while they're on the clock. Contact us at Atlas-Edco, Inc. for access to locker installations and other helpful supplies.


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