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Free-Standing Mezzanine in New Orleans, Louisiana

Free-Standing Mezzanine

Storage Made Simple

Many of our commercial and industrial customers need ways to increase their storage space efficiently without the additional costs of leased spaces or building expansions. Atlas-Edco, Inc. supplies cost-effective, free-standing mezzanines for this very purpose.

What Is a Mezzanine?

Does your warehouse have unused space? A mezzanine is an extra floor situated between two others in a building to maximize floor space and utilize empty areas. Having a mezzanine system is an effective way to create space without the astronomical prices. It quickly pays for itself by doubling and sometimes tripling your available storage space.

Custom Mezzanine Systems

Since every industry and commercial site is different and has individual needs, Atlas-Edco, Inc. offers the option to create individualized systems. Our experienced team can design custom mezzanines to fit any area of any building. We take into account not only the square footage and height of your space but also the requirements of your load and your color preferences.

Mezzanine Applications

These racking systems are useful in any warehouse setting, manufacturing facility or distribution center. To make the most efficient use of space, you can even place them over machinery, in offices, around columns or around other shelving systems. Ask one of our knowledgeable racking experts how you can use a mezzanine to achieve the most space in your facility.

Make Use of a Mezzanine Today

It’s time to transform your warehouse into a fully-functional facility. Make use of your entire commercial site and increase productivity simply by allowing Atlas-Edco, Inc. to install a mezzanine. Get started by calling us today.